50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 41

Rolling Stone issue #41 had a cover date of September 6, 1969. 32 pages. 35 cents. Cover photo of Joe Cocker by Steven Shames.

This issue is back down to 32 pages after several issues features 40 pages. Wonder what happened?

It also contains three separate reviews of Blind Faith’s debut (“the reincarnation of Cream and Traffic”), plus a full-page profile of the band. Must’ve been a big deal.

Features: “Bill Graham Explodes: Quitting San Francisco” by Ben Fong-Torres; “Atlantic City: Pop! Goes the Boardwalk” by John Lombardi; “Blind Faith” by Ritchie Yorke.

News: “Seattle Gives Peace a Chance” by Ed Leimbacher; “Sky River Will Flow Again” by Ed Jeffords; Fears and Follies Kill ‘Wild West’; Ten-Year Sentence On Sinclair Bust; “Everyone Went to the Moon” by Hendrik Hertzberg; Kinks Come Up With Surprise; Another Death at Leary Ranch; “The Groupies of Anna” by Tom Miller; “Tracking Down the Dope Fiends” by James Cadur; “Steve Paul Splits The Scene” by Jan Hodenfield; Beach Boy: ‘They Can’t Hear Music’; Committee Leaves TV Rock Show; Roundup of Rock; Random Notes.

Stooges ad

Full-page ads: The Stooges on Elektra; Mobius on Capitol; The Light Side: The Dark Side by Dick Gregory on Poppy (two-page spread);

More ads: Appaloosa on Columbia; Tons of Sobs by Free on A&M; All the Friendly Colours by Hedge and Donna on Capitol; “Something in the Air” by Thunderclap Newman on Track; Medium by the Mandrake Memorial on Poppy; Savage Rose on Polydor; The Street Giveth and the Street Taketh Away by Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys on Polydor; The Don Ellis Band Goes Underground on Columbia; The Belle of Avenue A by the Fugs on Reprise; Paradise Bar And Grill by Mad River on Capitol; The Texas International Pop Festival; Jimmy Rabbitt on on KRLA; Rolling Stone Book – Volume II; Yusef Lateef’s Detroit on Atlantic; Sweet Linda Divine on Columbia; Fiends and Angels by Martha Velez on Sire;

Reviews: Blind Faith (by Ed Leimbacher); Blind Faith (by Lester Bangs); Blind Faith (by John Morthland); Testifyin’, Clarence Carter (by David Gancher); Fairport Convention (by John Mendelsohn); Lonesome Sundown (by Pete Welding); Bread (by Lester Bangs); Streetnoise, Julie Driscoll (by Lester Bangs).

Columns: “Perspectives: Festival Paranoia” by Ralph J. Gleason; “Astrology” by Ambrose Hollingsworth; “Visuals: Venus Rising” by Thomas Albright.

Poetry: “2 Things We’d Better Watch Out For” by David Gancher; “Freezing on Tower Pier” by Peter Rees; “Women When They Put Their Clothes On in the Morning” by Richard Brautigan.

Subscription offer: Love Man by Otis Redding, free with 50 cents shipping. $6 for 26 issues; $10 for 52.

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