50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 43

Rolling Stone issue #43 had a cover date of October 4, 1969. 40 pages. 35 cents. Cover photo by Steven Shames.

Weird issue. No reviews, no regular columns, no silly poetry. The whole issue is basically devoted to John Burks’ giant 30,000-word feature on the underground press.

Features: “The Underground Press” by John Burks; “The Radical Media Conference in Ann Arbor” by Don Demaio; “Great to be here, Great to be here, It sure is [Bob Dylan at the Isle of Wight Festival]” by Marty Grayson.

News: Beatles’ Next LP Due in October; Rolling Stones to Tour the States; “LSD: Psychedelics And Beyond” by John Grissim, Jr.; Learys Escape A Felony Rap; “Chicago Blues: Peace at Last” by Don DeMicheal; “After Woodstock: Money and Smiles” by Jan Hodenfield; A Guide to the Underground; “Pop Chronicles Chronicle Pop” by Jerry Hopkins; “A Melting Pot at Sky River Festival” by Tom Miller; Airplane Free in Orleans Pot Case; “Fillmore’s Latest: A Record Label” by Ben Fong-Torres; Crosby, Stills, Etc. A Sellout, Etc.; Burglars Clean Up At the Matrix. And Random Notes on Donovan, Ed Sullivan, Aretha Franklin, Jon Landau, MC5, Boz Scaggs, Youngbloods, Paul McCartney, Elaine Brown, Walter Carlos, and Country Joe and the Fish.

Subscription offer: Love Man by Otis Redding, free with 50 cents shipping. $6 for 26 issues; $10 for 52.

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