50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 45

Rolling Stone issue #45 had a cover date of November 1, 1969. 48 pages. 35 cents. Cover photo of Tina Turner by Robert Altman.

Features: “The Rolling Stone Interview: Phil Spector” by Jann Wenner; “Johnny Cash” by John Grissim; “A2 Blues” by Jerry Heist; “The First Tycoon of Teen” by Tom Wolfe (originally published in New York Magazine in 1965).

News: Straight Dope on the Crisis; A Temple of Cannabis; “Big Heroin Scare Shakes France” by Ferris Hartman; The Band Goes On the Road; “Record Ads Hitting Below the Belt” by Ben Fong-Torres; Tragedy Strikes David Crosby; Park Protesters Camera-Shy; Zappers Zapped in New York, LA; Timothy Leary is a Democrat; Kids Do the Darndest Things; Seeds & Stems; “A ‘People’s Park’ In Copenhagen” by Carol Matzkin; “GI Joe Visits The Troops” by Ed Jeffords; “Hall of Fame for Rhythm and Blues” by Jerry Hopkins; “Texas Pop: Heat, But Not So Hot” by John Zeh; “Monterey Jazz: A Festival No More” by Langdon Winner; “Mt. Tam Energy Bash” by Michael Goodwin; Xmas Release Set for Masked Marauders. And Random Notes on Phil Ochs, Donovan, Jimi Hendrix, KRLA, Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, Lulu, Newport 69, Timothy Leary, Desmond Dekker (“My wife and my children they fuck-off and leave me”), B.B. King, Mary Robbins, Syntonic Research, and Playboy vs. Soul.

Reviews: Arthur, The Kinks (by Michael Daly); Arthur, The Kinks (by Greil Marcus); Words and Music by Bob Dylan, The Hollies (by John Mendelsohn); Kozmic Blues, Janis Joplin (by Ed Leimbacher); Kozmic Blues, Janis Joplin (by John Burks); The Chantels (by Langdon Winner); Mother Earth Presents Tracy Nelson Country (by Patrick Thomas); Dusty in Memphis, Dusty Springfield (by Greil Marcus); Nothing But a Heartache, The Flirtations (by Greil Marcus); The Two Sides of Linda Gail Lewis (by Andy Boehm); Melanie (by Gig Lee); Sweet Linda Divine (by Chris Hodenfield); Stronger Than Dirt, Big Mama Thornton (by John Morthland).

Columns: “Books” by Langdon Winner (on The Making of a Counter Culture by Theodore Roszak; “Books” by John Grissim (on Trans-action magazine: The Anti-American Generation).

Poetry: “August 6, 1969” by Tom Clark; “February Landscape” by Gary Von Tersch.

Subscription offer: Fathers and Songs by Muddy Waters and friends, free with 50 cents shipping. $6 for 26 issues; $10 for 52.

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