50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 48

Rolling Stone issue #48 had a cover date of December 13, 1969. 56 pages. 35 cents. Cover photo of Miles Davis.

Features: “Miles Davis” by Don Demicheal and Ralph J. Gleason; “Kiss Kiss Flutter Flutter Thank You Thank You: The Rolling Stones Fall 1969 Tour” by Jerry Hopkins; “They Put the Weight on Mick & He Carried It” by Greil Marcus; “The Environmentalists: The Whole Earth Catalog Gets Down to Business” by Thomas Albright; “Environmentalists” by John Burks; “Robbie Robertson” by Howard Gladstone; “Life and Death of Skip James” by Ed Ward.

News: Janis Busted for Naughty Words; “Who Let the Kinks In?” by Loraine Alterman; Jim Morrison Takes A Trip; Ginger Baker, Gunslinger; “Low Expectations For Strawberry” by Michael Goodwin; “I’d Rather Be Burned in Canada” by Ritchie Yorke; Two Moratorium Days: So What?; Bill Graham’s Amateur Show; Immediate Sues CBS for $7,200,000; Joni Mitchell Hangs It Up; Masked Marauders Expose Themselves; The Zombies Are A Stiff; Kinetic Playground Burns: Arsonists; “Drug Rap: 3 for The Price of 1” by Ben Fong-Torres; “The Family Dog Becomes a Family” by Ben Fong-Torres; “Ant * Farm” by Thomas Albright. And Random Notes on the Woodstock film, Booker T and the MGs, Howlin’ Wolf, Jeff Beck, The Music Scene, Ron Kass, CSNY, Jerry Corbitt. Nilsson, John Sebastian, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, The Beatles Book of Lyrics, Beach Boys, Procol Harum, Conway Twitty, and Gene Vincent.

Reviews: Memphis Swamp Jam, Bukka White, et al (by Ed Leimbacher); Original Recordings, Dan Hicks (by Geoffrey Link); Dimensions/Nonstop/Super Hits, the Box Tops (by Lester Bangs); Area Code 615 (by John Grissim); “Life’s Little Ups and Downs”, Charlie Rich (by Greil Marcus); Tadpoles, Bonzo Dog Band (by Lester Bangs); Salvation, Original Cast/Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay, Sha Na Na (by Greil Marcus); Led Zeppelin II (by John Mendelsohn); Mouldy Goldies, Colonel Jubilation B. Johnston And His Mystic Knights Band And Street Singers Attack The Hits (by Mike Saunders); Alice Faye in Hollywood (by Lester Bangs); Supersnazz, Flamin’ Groovies (by Lester Bangs); Then Play On, Fleetwood Mac (by John Morthland); Glass Onion, Arif Mardin (by David Gancher); “She Belongs To Me”, Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band/”Fortunate Son” b/w “Down on the Corner”, Creedence Clearwater Revival (by Greil Marcus); Stand Up!, Jethro Tull (by Ben Gerson); In the Jungle, Babe, the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm and Blues/Gotta Groove, the Bar-Kays (by Lester Bangs); Keep On Moving, Butterfield Blues Band (by Gary Von Tersch); The Dells Great Hits/Love Is Blue (by Ed Leimbacher); Condemned: Extremely Heavy, Kim Fowley/A New Day, Theo Bikel/Live Electronic Music, Steve Reich.

Columns: “Astrology” by Ambrose Hollingsworth; “Cinema: Sympathy For the Devil” by Marjorie Heins; “Cinema: Take The Money And Run” by Hendrik Hertzberg; “Cinema: Lion’s Love” by Michael Goodwin; “Books: The Story of Rock” by Jon Carroll; “Books: Electric Tibet” by Jon Carroll; “Books: The Age of Rock, Sounds of the American Cultural Revolution” by John Morthland.

Also: “Ernest Hemingway’s Typist” by Richard Brautigan; “A High Building In Singapore” by Richard Brautigan.

Subscription offer: Volunteers by Jefferson Airplane, free with 50 cents shipping. $6 for 26 issues; $10 for 52.

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