New Automne video: La Désirante

Video: Automne – “La Désirante”

Texte : Mathilde Tixier. Musique : Automne. Réalisation : Joséphine Lajeat. Effets spéciaux : Juan Sebastian Sotelo. Étalonnage : David Haddad. Une production ATPD.

Shortly after we posted Marika Hackman’s latest video, my friend in Paris messaged me that his band Automne had just completed a video for a new song that dealt with the same subject matter. And here it is!

Even if your francais is as mal as mine you can still figure out what Automne is singing about. The video is a little racy, but they’re French so what do you expect? Ooh la la.

Automne: web, facebook, youtube, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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