New Ben Kweller video: Carelesss

Video: Ben Kweller – “Carelesss”

Directed by Steve Hanft.

Ben Kweller is a grownup now but he remembers how it feels to be a kid. And as a back-to-school gift for all the little freaks out there, he offers a new song with a message of hope and perseverance.

I’m the girl in zebra tights dressed in black
I know who I am so get the fuck off of my back
The kids at school just think I’m just a sheep inside
Herein lies the great divide

Kweller says, “This song goes out to the 3,000,000 kids bullied every year in the USA. It’s a middle finger to the bullies who judge and it’s a shot in the arm to the victims. If you’re heading back to school this month, or if you’re out of school and still struggling in any way, trying to fit in, I want you to know that you don’t have to fit in. You can walk your own beautiful path and hold your head up high.”

Right on.

Kweller’s been in this business since he was just a kid. He was only 15 when major labels fought a bidding war to sign his band Radish. His solo debut Sha Sha from 2002 is still one of my favorite albums of that era. And he’s continued to put out solid rock and roll ever since.

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