New Charly Bliss video: Capacity

Video: Charly Bliss – “Capacity”

Directed by Michelle Zauner. From Young Enough, due May 10 on Barsuk.

Look at Eva Hendricks all glammed up and looking like Stassi from “Vanderpump Rules.” Bankrobber chic!

The new song doesn’t have anything to do with the video, unless we’re talking about our personal bank of energy…and how trying too hard to please other people is like robbing yourself of…I dunno.

But it’s still a good message. Cut yourself some slack.

I was raised an east coast witch like
doing nothing’s sacrilegious,
triple overtime ambitious.
Sometimes nothing is delicious.

I miss the crunchy guitars from Guppy. Hope there’s more guitars on the upcoming Young Enough than on this single. We’ll see. Still fun though.

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