New Culture Abuse video: Goo

Video: Culture Abuse – “Goo”

Directed by David Kelling and Barbara Georges. Single out now on Epitaph.

Culture Abuse won me over when I saw them on the small stage at Riot Fest in 2017. They’re a punk rock band on Epitaph but their songs have a pop sensibility and frontman David Kelling is charming and hilarious.

This 2018 Noisey interview conveys that charm, especially this bit about his mom: “My whole life she’s been like, ‘You have a beautiful voice. You need to sing!’ And I was like, ‘Mom, you don’t get it, I’m fuckin’ punk!’”

Seems like he’s been taking his mother’s advice because this new single is a pretty, acoustic love song with a woozy Mellotron line to keep things a little off-kilter.

Wish I could ride a bike
I’d ride it home to you
Cuz lately all my insides feel like goo

Ride on, brother. Can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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