New Frankie Cosmos video: Wannago

Video: Frankie Cosmos – “Wannago”

Directed by Robert Kolodny. From Close it Quietly, September 6 on Sub Pop.

The video is a little distracting but the song has everything you want from this band: sad melodies, earnest vocals, delicate harmonies, and shimmery guitars.

Greta Kline says, “Wannago is an older song that I thought would never come out. Every time we ever tried to arrange it we gave up or lied that we would come back to it later. It felt too hard, and I found some of the lyrics embarrassing. Then Alex encouraged us to give it another shot because he really loved the demo. We ended up all working together to turn this into a song that feels sparkly and distinct; and it’s really fun to play. I’ve accepted the cheesier lyrics as part of the youthful glow of the song, it feels very wide-eyed and is purely about love, distance, and life.”

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