New Negativland video: More Data

Video: Negativland – “More Data”

Video by Ryan Worsley. From an upcoming pair of interconnected albums.

Happy May Day. What better way to celebrate our day of international workers than with a new jam from copyright anarchist legends Negativland?

“More Data” explores the complex relationships between privacy and convenience, big data and big ego. And it’s got a funky beat. Seems purposefully designed to mess with folks gobbling edibles and watching youtube. Which can be an interesting experience, I suppose. Kinda reminds me of the Emergency Broadcast Network back in the day.

Somebody always had a VHS dub of that stuff. Where did it come from? Who had the original tape? Who knows? Somebody. Somebody knows. We just need more data.

I was just reminded that Bono took EBN on the Zoo TV tour. Which is hilarious considering U2’s relationship with Negativland. Oh, the singularity. The 90s were ridiculous.

When did online life become a non-stop Turing test? And when did humans become the ones who are failing it? It began nearly two decades ago, when advertising models staked out their territory over the data used to structure our online lives. Without a legal recognition of the right to digital self-ownership, this ‘person’ must not exist. A video single taken from the second of two forthcoming & interconnected albums, produced in collaboration with director Ryan Worsley.

Right on. I’m happy Negativland is still around, doing their thing. Hopefully, there are a bunch of stoned college students sitting in a shitty apartment having their minds blown by this stuff. Good times.

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