New Neil & Liam Finn Video: Where’s My Room

Video: Neil & Liam Finn – “Where’s My Room”

Directed by Sam Kristofski. From Lightsleeper, out now.

When your father is Neil Finn, then odds are when you make music it is going to be different. No, not in reaction to your famous(ish) father, no, not in spite of him, but it is going to be different when you are making music with him.

When your son is Liam Finn, then when you make music with him it is going to be wholly unlike what has now become your day job, which is playing with Fleetwood Mac. (Typically one might write “playing in Fleetwood Mac,” but after the Lindsay Buckingham legal dust-up with the members of that band, it makes one wonder whether Finn and Mike Campbell aren’t, perhaps, employees of Fleetwood Mac, LLC.)

Finn fils et père put out a record this past summer, Lightsleeper, which also happens to include other members of the Finn clan, including Neil’s wife, Sharon, and their other son, Elroy.

And now we have a video for “Where’s My Room,” a strange video with numerous, repeated, tracking shots in a hotel hallway that brings Kubrick to mind and another hallway that seems as though it is manor decorated by a Maori artisan.

As professional musicians, the two Finns have spent more than their share of time in hotel hallways, some less creepy, some less ornate, than those shown in the video (the hallways of which are randomly populated by rather, um, exotic individuals whom you would probably stick a chair under your room’s doorknob for additional security were you to find them in your local Hyatt).

In “Where’s My Room” there is a repetitive pulse for almost exactly the first half, at which point there is a shift that becomes more melodic and we see the family at work. Then for about the last third there is a different but similar throbbing beat.

When your family is perhaps most clearly associated with Crowded House, then odds are you’re going to make something that isn’t.

Neil and Liam Finn: web, twitter (Neil), twitter (Liam), amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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