New Pip Blom video: Daddy Issues

Video: Pip Blom – “Daddy Issues”

Directed by Edward Zorab. From Boat, due May 31 on Heavenly.

“The video is a love letter to classic cinema, but also a cautionary tale,” says frontwoman Pip Blom. “Our culture makes it too easy to fall in love with things which aren’t real, and if you’re not careful you can end up in a sort of groundhog day cycle of self-induced disappointment. I think the surreal narrative of the video encapsulates that in quite a self aware way.”

I dunno. Is that really the moral of this video? To me, it seems like the kid had a really nice, fully-realized dream. Did it end up in self-induced disappointment? We don’t really see any evidence of that in the video. Life’s short; you don’t get all that many chances to bounce on a bed and play patty cake with people, so you probably ought to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Especially when you’re young.

Or whenever in your dreams. After all, a wise man said, you’re innocent when you dream.

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