New Regrettes video: Dress Up

Video: The Regrettes – “Dress Up”

Single out now on Warner.

Since the Regrettes put out Feel Your Feelings, Fool! in 2017 they have released a handful of new original singles: “Come Through”, “Red Light”, “California Friends”, “Pumpkin”, and “Poor Boy”, as well as a bunch of covers.

And now here’s a new original. “Dress Up” was co-written with producer Mike Elizondo and it’s got every thing you want in a Regrettes song: a guitar line from a Billy Idol hit, a bouncy bass line that sounds like the Go-Go’s, and pouty vocals apologizing for indiscretions.

I made a promise, I might’ve messed up
I said I’d be there, but I’ll play dress up

It’s one of twelve new Lydia Night songs recently registered to the BMI Repertoire database. Hopefully this means a new album is right around the corner. Feel Your Feelings, Fool! remains a stone cold classic, and it’s still hard to believe that those songs were written when Lydia was 14 or 15.

Now that she’s a grownup and replaced half her band, the sophomore album will undoubtedly have a different vibe. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and the recent singles have all sounded great. But it’s gotta be a tough for a group who set the bar so high with their debut. I’m excited to hear what’s next though!

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Possible Second Regrettes Album Track List

  • COLORING BOOK (co-written with guitarist Genessa Gariano)
  • DEAD WRONG (co-written with Gariano, former bass player Sage Chavis, and former drummer Maxx Morando)
  • GO LOVE YOU (co-written with Gariano, producer Mike Elizondo, and new drummer Drew Thomsen)
  • DRESS UP (co-written with Elizondo)
  • FOG (co-written with Elizondo)
  • HAS IT HIT YOU (co-written with Gariano, Elizondo, and Thomsen)
  • HERE YOU GO (co-written with Elizondo)
  • I DARE YOU (co-written with Elizondo)
  • GAME
  • STOP AND GO (co-written with Chavis)
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