New Regrettes video: I Dare You

Video: The Regrettes – “I Dare You”

Directed by WATTS. From How Do You Love?, due August 9 on Warner.

New video and a new album announcement! Turns out I was correct a couple weeks ago when I guessed the track list.

So How Do You Love? will contain 15 Lydia Night originals. Co-writers include producer Mike Elizondo (with 6 songs), guitarist Genessa Gariano (with 5), former bass player Sage Chavis (3), former drummer Maxx Morando (2), and new drummer Drew Thomsen (2).

“I Dare You” is a little slicker than what we’re used to with this band, like a cleaned up Strokes outtake from the Room on Fire era. Are we already feeling nostalgic about the turn of the century? Those were the days, I guess, in retrospect. Curiously, lyrics website Genius credits Julian Casablancas with co-writing, but BMI doesn’t. So who knows? Either some dorky editor at Genius is being cute, or maybe a lawyer at Warners got nervous. (A query to the band remained unanswered at the time of publication.)

How Do You Love? Tracklist
1. Are You in Love? (Intro)
2. California Friends 3:34 (co-written with Gariano, Chavis, and Morando)
3. I Dare You 2:50 (co-written with Elizondo)
4. Coloring Book (co-written with Gariano)
5. Fog (co-written with Elizondo)
6. Pumpkin 3:27
7. Stop and Go (co-written with Chavis)
8. Dress Up 2:50 (co-written with Elizondo)
9. Dead Wrong (co-written with Gariano, Chavis, and Morando)
10. More than a Month
11. Go Love You (co-written with Gariano, Elizondo, and Thomsen)
12. Here You Go (co-written with Elizondo)
13. The Game
14. Has It Hit You? (co-written with Gariano, Elizondo, and Thomsen)
15. How Do You Love?

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