New Rentals video: Spaceships

Video: The Rentals – “Spaceships”

From Q36, due June 2020. Single out now.

New Rentals announcement from Matt Sharp: “Nick Zinner, Ronnie Vannucci, Dave Fridmann & I’ve made the Rentals’ 4th Official Album, together. It’s a 16 track Space-Western titled Q36.”


Sharp says the song is “a science fiction fable that imagines an overpopulated future where the spacefaring nations of the world decide to shoot their citizens dealing with mental health conditions into deep outer space for experimental purposes; essentially using them as laboratory specimens, testing their tolerance of extreme levels of radiation. But a funny thing happened on the way to Europa… the inmates commandeered this intergalactic psychiatric ward, taking control of the ships and ultimately, their lives. They flipped their mobile home, converting it into a Parliament Funkadelic-style flying party saucer and went looking to start a more tolerant new world.”

About the video, Sharp said, “I was talking with my friend Clark Duke about possibly making a shot for shot recreation of Falco’s Der Kommisarr video, together, went he sent me this amazing video, from 1980, for the song “Eisbaer” by the Swiss band Grauzone. About seven seconds in, I pressed play on Spaceships and it immediately sync’d up like Dark Side Of The Moon to The Wizard Of Oz.”

They’re apparently releasing a new song every two weeks. And in fact they just released the second single, “Forgotten Astronaut,” dedicated to Michael Collins, the Apollo 11 pilot who stayed aboard the Columbia command module while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the Eagle lunar module on the moon.

Video: Grauzone – “Eisbaer”

Directed by Borivoj Horinek. From Swiss Wave – The Album (Off Course Records, 1980).

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