New Soccer Mommy video: Yellow Is the Color of Her Eyes

Video: Soccer Mommy – “yellow is the color of her eyes”

Directed by Alex Ross Perry. Single out now on Loma Vista.

Hey didn’t Coldplay already write this song? Are the contrarian kids giving Coldplay a critical re-evaluation already? Or am I just being an ass?

I’m probably being an ass, since Sophie Allison says the song “was inspired by a time when I was on the road constantly and I felt like I was losing time—specifically with my mother. It’s also a song that I feel really showcases my writing when it comes to instrumentation, so it’s one that makes me really proud.”

Aw jeez, listening more closely and the lyrics are clearly about losing her mom so now I’m definitely an ass.

The tiny lie I told to myself is making me hollow
I’ve been choking on truths that I couldn’t swallow

But at least we no longer have to worry about the kids starting to like Coldplay. It’s still okay to hate them, right?

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