New band of Aussie tweeners, the Rellies: Isabella Is Annoying

Video: The Rellies – “Isabella Is Annoying”

Limited edition 7″ out July 24 on Damaged Goods.

The Rellies are a new band from Australia, featuring brothers Ryan (13, guitar) and Riley (11, bass) as well as Jarlath (11, drums) and Aiden (12, guitar). This is their debut single.

It’s about Isabella, says Riley. Isabella, apparently, is annoying. “A new girl came to our school. Eventually she starts bullying me and then I get her back in the form of a song.” And that’s how it’s done, kids.

It makes sense that this is coming out on Damaged Goods, home of Billy Childish, Holly Golightly, and lots of other snotty punks.

Hopefully, Isabella takes this song to heart and tries to be less annoying.

The Rellies: web.

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