New Jenny Lewis and Serengeti: Unblu

Video: Jenny Lewis & Serengeti – “Unblu”

Single out now.

Jenny Lewis gets around. She was heard singing with Bon Iver earlier this year and now she’s apparently a member of Ringo’s All-Starr Band. She’s also got this new song with Chicago underground rapper Serengeti.

Serengeti is famous (in my household, anyway) for 2006’s “Dennehy,” his anthem to the greatest city in the world, the home of Bears, Hawks, Sox, Bulls.

“Unblu” is a whispery quarantine anthem. Lewis and Serengeti describe it as “music to go bananas to while watching the news and Forensic Files on mute.” I’m not sure what kind of bananas those guys are going, because this is ultra-chill. But I know what’s it’s like to watch the news and Forensic Files on mute. I’ve done a lot of that this year. We probably all have.

How long will I wait for you
To become un-blue?

It’s unclear who is becoming un-blue. Is the narrator waiting for the other person to become un-blue? Or will the narrator become un-blue once the other person eventually arrives? Who knows! There’s been plenty of blueness to go around this year. We all need to take full advantage of anything that has the capacity to make us un-blue.

Video: Serengeti – “Dennehy”

From Dennehy (Bonafyde Recordings, 2006).

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