New X video: Goodbye Year, Goodbye

Video: X – “Goodbye Year, Goodbye”

Directed by Keith Ross. From Alphabetland, out now on Fat Possum.

How great is it that original L.A. punks X are still at it?

John Doe told Apple Music, “That was the last song we worked on. I took the lead, and Exene did some editing and additional lyrics. The music is just straight-up punk rock, because I thought the record needed a good old-fashioned punk rock song. Originally, it sounded too much like [1980’s] ‘Your Phone’s Off the Hook,’ so we added a few different things. I was inspired by reading the book Midnight Cowboy. Exene gave it to me for my birthday, and the lyric ‘Brother and sister pretend to be lovers’ is from a moment in the book where Joe Buck goes to an Andy Warhol-type party. The first verse, ‘Beats keep beating my brains in,’ means there’s just too much going on. Everybody is so overscheduled, and there’s so much noise.”

I think we’re all looking forward to saying goodbye to this year. Good riddance.

Video: X – “I Gotta Fever”

Edited by Max Taeschuel. From Alphabetland, out now on Fat Possum.


Directed by Gilbert Trejo. From Alphabetland, out now on Fat Possum.

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