New Young Antiques: Goin’ Home ft. Kelly Hogan

Video: Young Antiques: “Goin’ Home” (ft. Kelly Hogan)

From Another Risk Of The Heart, out now on Southern Lovers Recording Co.

I’ll listen to anything featuring Kelly Hogan’s harmonies. She’s the special sauce secret ingredient in some of my favorite recordings by Neko Case, the Decemberists, Mavis Staples, and tons more. Her solo stuff is great too. Plus, she tended bar at the Hideout for most of the time I lived in Chicago.

Back in 2001 she told Jim Derogatis that she’d record with just about anybody who asks (“I’m pretty slutty that way, pretty easy, but I always enjoy a challenge.”), but she’s been more selective lately. The drummer for Young Antiques used to be in Hogan’s old band the Jody Grind.

“Goin’ Home” is a wistful ballad that ponders the eternal question of whether or not it’s possible to go back home again.

Tell me we made it through
Tell me all of us and me and you
I guess I feel older
I look right on time

Hogan tweeted, “Proud to be part of the song/video ‘Goin’ Home’ from the new album by Atlanta’s Young Antiques – all done remotely, pre-quarantine. I had to learn how to film myself (w/my laptop sitting on my washing machine, nekkid lightbulbs shining in my face, lyrics taped to the walls.)”

Antiques singer-guitarist Blake Rainey says, “We’re all broadcasting in from different places. And now the whole thing suddenly feels very of-the-moment, like we tapped into this new reality in advance. And in the wake of the pandemic, who knows what’s going to happen? It makes getting back together with the Young Antiques even more special. If we hadn’t done it when we did, who knows if it ever would have happened again?”

So maybe you can go home again.

Young Antiques: web, twitter, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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