New Alex McArtor: Bras and Jeans

Video: Alex McArtor – “Bras and Jeans”

Directed by Erica Silverman. From Welcome To The Wasteland, out June 25. Single out now.

Alex McArtor is an 18-year-old Austin songwriter who names David Lynch as a key influence on her storytelling. And you might catch some Lynchian vibes in the video for “Bras and Jeans” in which a group of innocent teenagers get a little witchy in a meadow. The irresistible guitar riff sounds like New Order.

McArtor says the song is “based on a time when my friends and I were swimming in a lake and all these horny freshman boys were watching us. It turned into a song about society’s infatuation with exploiting girls as they transition into womanhood, at a point when they aren’t fully aware of their sexuality—which is then imposed on us before we’re ready. A woman’s sexuality and power belong to her; it’s not something there for the taking by the voyeurs of the world.”

It’s not lost on me that — as a dude watching a bunch of young women frolicking around in sundresses and bouncing on trampolines — there is undeniably a bit of voyeurism going on. McArtor and director Erica Silverman are obviously playing on those themes, and it works. It’s an interesting conundrum to put us in the middle of. And the ambiguity of that goes both ways: McArtor sings, “We kind of like you watching, sorta,” with the “kind of” and “sorta” doing a lot of heavy lifting in that line.

Anyway, it’s a cool song and a smart video with some real complexity to it.

Alex McArtor: web, twitter, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

Via For the Rabbits.

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