New Boy Scouts: That’s Life Honey

Video: Boy Scouts – “That’s Life Honey”

Directed by Jake Nokovic. from Wayfinder, available October 1 on Anti-.

You know a song is going to be good if its video is shot on a boat. That’s just a fundamental rule of rock criticism. “That’s Life Honey” is no exception.

If I were to die by volcano
I’d be laughing at the irony
Bottle it up and you will surely explode
You’d say why didn’t you tell me?

That’s funny. I appreciate the callback to Elliott Smith. Not that Smith coined the phrase, but I’d be shocked if Boy Scouts’ Taylor Vick wasn’t intentionally referencing the XO highlight.

Vick says, “This song is about trying?to make light of a shitty situation. Having a circumstance that sucks, like wanting to go to therapy but you can’t afford it, and fantasizing about a world where you could get a chip implanted or have some surgery that rewires your brain and resolves you from whatever problems you have. This song is mostly my attempt at writing a tragicomedy, combined with true experiences of figuring out how to open up to people.”

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