New Courtney Barnett: Rae Street

Video: Courtney Barnett – “Rae Street”

Directed by W.A.M. Bleakley. From Things Take Time, Take Time, due Nov 12 on Mom+Pop.

How did you spend your pandemic? Get anything productive done? Courtney Barnett spent hers writing and recording a new album.

She told Rolling Stone all about it. Instead of calling up her live bandmates to the studio, she and producer Stella Mozgawa played everything themselves utilizing the same lo-fi drum machines that Barnett had used on her demos: “It’s pretty much just us. It feels so alive to me, like it’s all happening at once.”

Barnett told Rolling Stone that lead single “Rae Street” started off as a writing exercise. “One day I made a list of all the phrases that I could remember my parents saying.” If that’s the case, her parents were pretty intense.

Shine those shoes and mow those lawns
Let’s get back to normal.
Lay it all on the table, you seem so stable
But you’re just hanging on.


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