New Dean Wareham video: Cashing In

Video: Dean Wareham – “Cashing In”

Directed by Leanna Kaiser. From I Have Nothing to Say to the Mayor of L.A., due October 15 on Double Feature.

Examples of indie rockers aging gracefully are few and far between. I suppose it helps to be graceful as a young person. Can you even imagine Dean Wareham ever spazzing out?

I used to think we were on the brink
I could just watch my fortunes grow
I used to think our ship was coming in
I’m not selling out, I’m cashing in.

It’s rare that music that is this pleasant to listen to is still interesting and engaging. Wareham proves you don’t have to be aggressive or obnoxious to be captivating.

“Musically I was inspired by Michael Rother’s great, late-’70s instrumental guitar records,” Wareham says. “And also by Peter Hook; I played the new ‘Hooky 6-string bass’ I bought last year, it’s a big part of that early New Order sound.”

Dude, if you’re going for that early New Order sound you should be playing that bass way higher up on the neck though!

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