New Flaming Lips video: At The Movies On Quaaludes

Video: The Flaming Lips – “At The Movies On Quaaludes”

Directed by Clark Duke. From American Head, out now.

Ludes, man.

Although methaqualone hasn’t been legally manufactured in the United States since 1982, the lore of Quaaludes has only grown. Maybe illicit disco biscuits are still around somewhere, but I’ve never seen any. But if anybody can hook you up, I’m guessing it would be Wayne Coyne.

But really, this song is probably more of a flashback to being a teenager in the 70s, remembering being young and super high and dreaming of being rich and famous some day.

As we destroy our brains
‘Til we believe we’re dead,
It’s the American dream
In the American head.

Dream on, little Wayne. Dream on.

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