New Lucy Dacus: VBS

Video: Lucy Dacus – “VBS”

Directed by Marin Leong. From Home Video, out June 25 on Matador.

In the summer of ’07 Lucy Dacus was twelve years old. “VBS” tells the story of going to a sleepover church camp where she meets and ultimately falls for another camper. This other camper is one of those beautifully damaged, tragic characters that that seem so attractive when we are young.

I’m more than twenty years older than Lucy Dacus so maybe things have changed but when I attended vacation bible school it was just a drop-off thing for elementary school-aged kids where we painted little clay signs that said “Joy!” on them. One year I made a needlepoint thing that said “JESUS” but inverted so you had to “find Jesus” in it. It lived on a wall in our kitchen for decades. I did a little googling and found one just like it.

Happy to see that people are still out there helping people find Jesus via cross-stitched optical illusions.

Anyway, there was no snorting nutmeg or blasting Slayer at VBS back in my day!

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