New Sincere Engineer: Recluse In The Making

Video: Sincere Engineer – “Recluse In The Making”

From Bless My Psyche, out September 10 on Hopeless.

I tend to hate animated videos. Just seems like the musicians couldn’t be bothered to show up and participate. I know that’s not always the case. Sincere Engineer’s Deanna Belos made this one herself.

“This was one of the music video ideas that I thought of during the year of the pandemic that I could execute by myself. I played The Sims a bunch as a kid. I had to stop when I got older and felt a weird sadness about it–spending my real life playing a game that is a computer simulation of my life. It’s still fun, though. I let myself play it guilt-free to make this video, because I could call it work, ha ha!”

It features a Sims-y Deanna Belos hanging out in her Sims-y apartment being sad, meeting up with her Sims-y band, and then going out and dancing the Macarena at a Sims-y club. What more could you want in a music video? Not much.

To this taxi driver I’m more honest
Than I ever was to my therapist.
I told him I’m in love with you,
One year, three months before you knew.

Belos says the song is “about struggling to make life in those few hours after work—motivation fleeting like the sunlight. It’s sort of a reminder to myself to push through the exhaustion and get up and go out. I’m only cheating myself out of precious life time if I don’t.”

Which, of course, is probably something we can all relate to.

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