New St. Vincent: Pay Your Way In Pain

Video: St. Vincent – “Pay Your Way In Pain”

From Daddy’s Home, due May 14 on Loma Vista.

A new St. Vincent release is always exiting. Like, what’s she going to do to freak people out this time? You might have expected her to capitalize on the breakthrough success of 2017’s Masseduction by doing more of the same, but that doesn’t appear to be the direction she’s heading.

No more primary colored, robotic futurism. “Pay Your Way In Pain” is a funky jam about feeling rejected and wanting to be loved, and it’s our first peak into the world of Daddy’s Home. The album was inspired by “the vinyl her dad had introduced her to during her childhood. […] Music made in sepia-toned downtown New York from 1971-1975. Gritty. Grimy. Sleazy.”

Maybe, but the look of the video has more of a “Fantasy Island” dream sequence vibe and her styling is giving me flashbacks to “Love Boat.” So I don’t know. It’s not reading as gritty or grimy. But still: exciting and new.

To go along with the whole 70s show, the album is available on eight-track. And to think some people scoffed at the kids getting back into cassettes!

Come aboard. We’re expecting you…

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