New Tristen video: Cool Blue

Video: Tristen – “Cool Blue”

Animation by Jimmy Teru Murakami (1967). From Aquatic Flowers, out now on Mama Bird.

Maybe it’s something about the animated video, but this reminds me of my favorite Schoolhouse Rock songs. Tristen’s voice evokes the sweetness of Blossom Dearie, the conversationalism of Lynn Ahrens, and the soulfulness of Essra Mohawk.

And what a happy sounding hopeless song about a grumpy dude who refuses to accept emotions!

Totally sober, cold and unfeeling
He shudders when I start revealing
My weakness, and when I need him
He’d rather hide away.

Sounds like an ass.

By the way, this whole album is really good and you should check it out for sure.

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