New Christian Lee Hutson video: Age Difference

Video: Christian Lee Hutson – “Age Difference”

Directed by Nick Slye. From Quitters, due April 1 on Anti-.

Christian Lee Hutson writes poignant songs about characters you may or may not relate to. The narrator of “Age Difference” is sort of a pathetic creeper.

Hiding out in nice apartments, Catholic schoolgirl uniforms,
I think I was suicidal before you were even born.

Hutson says, “There’s a specific type of an older man that I have encountered a lot in LA. The aging rocker who hasn’t had a long relationship and they are the McConaughey-like character who is dating a much younger girl, and they have just stopped progressing.”

But are we rooting for this guy like we did for Wooderson? Nope. The character is self aware enough to realize he’s a man-baby bullshitter, but he can’t help himself.

Do my impression of John Malkovich critiquing food in prison
At first it isn’t funny, then it is, and then it isn’t.

Animator Nick Slye says, “1,100+ individual pencil drawings make up this 5 minute hand drawn dream. Christian’s style of lyricism and melody in ‘Age Difference’ lend themselves to vivid lucid dream-like imagery and create the euphoric feeling of falling fast asleep while listening to your favorite album, waking in a haze only remembering bits and pieces trying to decipher what was real and what was fantasy.”

Alright alright alright.

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