New Courtney Marie Andrews video: These Are The Good Old Days

Video: Courtney Marie Andrews – “These Are The Good Old Days”

Directed by V Haddad. From Loose Future, out October 7 on Fat Possum.

I appreciate the sentiment of this song although lately it’s hard to imagine it’s true.

Andrews opened up for Wilco this summer but we arrived too late to catch her set. Pro tip: When Google Maps tells you the venue is 2.5 hours away, don’t think you can make it in two. We got stuck in traffic and it actually took three hours to get to Interlochen. Kresge Auditorium is an incredible venue though, so it’s worth the trip. It’s a gorgeous 4,000-capacity outdoor pavilion originally built in the 1940s as an orchestra shell on the shores of Green Lake. You can see the lake to the sides of the stage, and if you had a boat you could just pull up and listen. But it’s in the middle of nowhere, so give yourself plenty of time to get there.

For the record, Andrews came back out to sing with Wilco on “California Stars,” so I guess technically we did see her.

Courtney Marie Andrews: web, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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