New Naomi Alligator video: Blue For You

Video: Naomi Alligator – “Blue For You”

From Double Knot, out July 1, 2022 on Carpark.

I love this song although the video makes me mad. Our adorable hero is treated like garbage by her dirtbag boyfriend. Why’s he gotta be so mean?

Sam he doesn’t like me so much
Says I’m just okay
He doesn’t actually know what I’m like
He just knows my face.

Naomi Alligator, the nom de guerre of Virginia songwriter Corrinne James, impressed us last year with the Concession Stand Girl EP. She began writing her new album while living in Philadelphia during the height of the pandemic and the deterioration of a long-term relationship. She’s since moved to California.

Naomi Alligator: web, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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