New Nora O’Connor video: My Heart

Video: Nora O’Connor – “My Heart”

Directed by Joey Garfield. From My Heart, out October 7 on Pravda.

Was Nora O’Connor’s last solo album really 2004’s Til the Dawn on Bloodshot? And was that really 18 years ago? Yes, yes it was. How time flies…

Since then, O’Connor has kept herself busy touring and recording with the Decemberists, Neko Case, Kelly Hogan, Mavis Staples, the New Pornographers, the Flat Five, and more. But it’s nice to hear her voice all up front and on its own. “My Heart” has a Badfingery vibe where the heartache lurks just underneath the bouncy melody.

Check out the charming video for cameos from legendary Chicago musicians John Langford, Janet Bean, and Jason Narducy.

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