New Pavement video: Harness Your Hopes

Video: Pavement – “Harness Your Hopes”

Directed by Alex Ross Perry. From the reissue of the Spit on a Stranger EP, out April 8 on Matador.

Cool new band alert! I think these Pavement guys could be the next big thing. They’ve got it all: Cute singer, quirky lyrics, cool guitar parts. Sure, it might be a bit of a nineties throwback but there’s nothing wrong with that. Lots of good new bands are doing the 90s thing. These guys put their own spin on it.

I mean they’ve got to have something going for them if they got the girl from the Boba Fett show in their video.

* * *

If you’ve ever wondered why an old b-side is Pavement’s most popular song on Spotify, this article from 2020 tries to parse the algorithm…

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