New Phoebe Bridgers video: Sidelines

Video: Phoebe Bridgers – “Sidelines”

From the television series “Conversations With Friends” based on the novel by Sally Rooney, out now on Dead Oceans.

In the opening lines of the very first song I ever heard by Phoebe Bridgers, she sang, “Playing ‘would you rather’ / When it comes to fire / You always say that you’d prefer to drown,” setting up an evocative story about her house burning down when she was 19. These days, that idea no longer seems to bother her.

I’m not afraid of anything at all
Not dying in a fire
Not being broke again.

The glory of anti-anxiety medication, I guess.

“Sidelines” is apparently from some tv show on Hulu. If the song is any indication, it’s about zonked out people who don’t feel anything…until they meet somebody who inspires them “to want to go outside.” Seems like the pandemic has exacerbated the agoraphobia in just about everyone.

I’m not afraid of getting older
Used to fetishize myself
Now I’m talking to my houseplants.

Nothing wrong with that. Houseplants need love too.

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Update: Bridgers released a new official video for the song. Not sure what that last one was but whatevs.

Video: Phoebe Bridgers – “Sidelines”

Directed by Jackson Bridgers.

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