Still from Soccer Mommy video Feel It All The Time showing Sophie Allison playing a guitar in the road.

New Soccer Mommy video: Feel It All The Time

Video: Soccer Mommy – “Feel It All The Time”

Directed by Zev Magasis. From Sometimes, Forever, out now on Loma Vista.

Sophie Allison says this song “felt really easy + honest for me as soon as I wrote it. It uses this idea of an old truck to kind of compare this feeling of aging too fast. There’s also these glimpses of light and freedom from something as simple as the wind in your hair making you feel alive.”

It’s kind of a bummer how much time we spend worrying about aging too fast. Young people, grownups, doesn’t matter. Seems everybody is afraid they’re getting old.

And I’ve got a heart that beats too fast
And a shake in my hands and a pain in my back
And I’m just twenty-two going on twenty-three
Already worn down from everything.

The video is a charming vignette of suburban youth with Allison driving around the neighborhood and then cosplaying with a sword and a helmet in a field. Like you do.

Soccer Mommy: web, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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