New Wilco video: Falling Apart (Right Now)

Video: Wilco – “Falling Apart (Right Now)”

From Cruel Country, out May 27 on dBpm.

Hot damn! I’ve barely processed the news that Wilco is going to release a super deluxe 20th anniversary edition of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot featuring 82 unreleased tracks when they come out and announce a brand new album. And not just any album, but a double album featuring an “exploration of the genre they’ve often been defined by but, until now, never fully embraced.” I.e., country.

Other than the lead guitar tone, this new song doesn’t really sound particularly country. But still! If Tweedy’s idea of country is tightly structured songwriting, conversational lyrics, groovy harmonies, and twangy guitars, that’s good enough for me! Yee-ha!

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