Still from Andrew Bird's "Never Fall Apart" video showing him playing guitar in the woods.

New Andrew Bird video: Never Fall Apart

Video: Andrew Bird – “Never Fall Apart”

Directed by Jeremy Ylvisaker. From Inside Problems, out now on Loma Vista.

Andrew Bird’s latest single from last year’s Inside Problems is accompanied by an extended, alternate arrangement called “Never Fall Apart: Epilogue,” available now.

Bird says, “Back from the brink we may have pulled ourselves back together (though tenuously) for the moment. I recorded ‘Epilogue’ outside in Ojai, CA in January of 2021 for a documentary about news deserts in rural America. I felt I captured something that’s hard to nail because I was playing only for myself. I just happened to be recording. So I sang the lyrics to never fall apart over it, giving the song a different dimension.”

He never fails to impress.

Andrew Bird: web, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

Audio: Andrew Bird – “Never Fall Apart: Epilogue”

From “Never Fall Apart” single, out now on Loma Vista.

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