Still from Beck's "Thinking about You" video, showing him walking down the street with an umbrella.

New Beck video: Thinking About You

Video: Beck – “Thinking About You”

Single out now on Fonograf, under exclusive license to UMG.

It’s the age-old question: Sad Beck vs. Fun Beck, which do you prefer? Looks like coming off his cover of Neil Young’s “Old Man” for that NFL commercial, we’re in for another phase of Sad Beck. Which is fine. We all loved Sea Change, right?

The only bad thing about another Sad Beck album is that he’s going to have to squeeze more mood-busting slow songs into his live set. I’ve been complaining about this for over twenty years, ha ha. But I really think he should fully embrace the Neil Young Rust-era deal and come out with an acoustic guitar and play a whole set of his sad stuff, take a little break, change into a bedazzled tuxedo, and then come back out and throw down the funk bone.

The last time I saw him was at Riot Fest in 2018 and that was a super fun show comprised almost entirely of Fun Beck (minus a mid-set breath-catcher of “Lost Cause” and “Blue Moon”). Otherwise, it was all booty shaking jamboree handouts and the get-fresh flow. So great!

But this new song is pretty.

Forty roses couldn’t cover my grave
No cross and rosary for my soul to save
Want to believe in something
And it don’t even have to be true
Just thinking about you.

That’s beautiful, dad.

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