Still from Brandy Clark's "Buried" video.

New Brandy Clark: Buried

Video: Brandy Clark – “Buried”

Directed by Victoria Stevens. From Brandy Clark, out May 19.

Is Brandy Clark the best songwriter working today? Not sure those kinds of rankings help anybody, but one thing I know is that I love every song I’ve heard that she’s written or co-written.

I’ll fly myself to France
First class New York to Paris
Get drunk on wine and dance
With someone who ain’t embarrassed
To kiss me on the dance floor.

She’s so good.

Clark says, “This album is a return home to me in many ways. Musically it’s the rawest I’ve been since 12 Stories and maybe even rawer. When Brandi [Carlile, producer] and I sat down and talked about working together, one thing that really intrigued me was her saying ‘I see it as your return to the Northwest.’” Clark and Carlile are both from Washington state.

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Lyric Video: Brandy Clark – “She Smoked in the House”

From Brandy Clark, out May 19.

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