Still from Brendan Benson's "I Missed the Plane" video showing Benson, hat in hand, carrying his guitar case across some rocks.

New Brendan Benson video: I Missed The Plane

Video: Brendan Benson – “I Missed The Plane”

Directed by Tomato (Simon Taylor). From Low Key, out now on Schnitzel.

I wonder if it’s as easy for Brendan Benson to come up with brilliant melodies as it sounds like it must be. He seemingly has a million brilliant melodies in his back pocket at any given time. “I Missed The Plane” is no exception. There’s usually at least one moment in a Brendan Benson tune where you’re like, man that’s so good. In this one, it’s the “run, run, run, run, run” background vocals in the chorus; they’re almost imperceptible at first but once you notice them, they’re the best part of the song!

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