Still from Eyelids' "Lyin' In Your Tomb" video showing the band and a vampire strolling through the cemetery.

New Eyelids video: Lyin’ In Your Tomb

Video: Eyelids – “Lyin’ In Your Tomb”

Directed by Victor Krummenacher. From A Colossal Waste Of Light, out March 10 on Jealous Butcher.

I like the bucktoothed vampire in this video. Who says fangs have to be incisors? Is that a rule?

The band says, “the video harkens back to the days of early music video shows like ‘The Cutting Edge’ where often dark subject matter could also be counterpointed by a band’s sense of humor. In the end, it’s a floaty visual tribute that perfectly matches the song’s haunting, lonely lyrics, and its hypnotic, weird mood.”

Indeed. Despite the silly video, this is a cool moody song. And yeah, that’s Peter Buck on the 12-string. Count Dracula would approve. Probably.

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