Still from FIDLAR's "Centipede" video showing a closeup of Zac Carper.

New FIDLAR video: Centipede

Video: FIDLAR – “Centipede”

Directed by Ryan Baxley. From the That’s Life EP, out March 17.

Well at least this one doesn’t sound like Kid Rock so that’s good. And it looks like they’re officially down to a three-piece now. No more Elvis Kuehn. His brother Max, the drummer for the band, told Good Times Santa Cruz that Elvis had no desire to tour again after the pandemic restrictions lifted. “He was like, I am just kind of over it.”

Which is fine. Damaged dreamboat Zac Carper doesn’t need to be sharing frontman duties anyway.

My girlfriend says I lack empathy
Thinks I’m a narcissist, that I need gnarly therapy
I’m sober, not even amphetamines
This self-refection makes my skin crawl like a centipede.

I hate to generalize, but it’s amusing that so many girls are drawn to this type of dude. Not naming names but there’s a certain grownup woman in my household who follows Carper on instagram and claims to be concerned for his wellbeing…but I’m pretty sure it’s just a regular old crush. And who can blame her? Look at that face! He’s adorable. Adorably damaged. Plus he’s Hawaiian and plays the ukulele? Too much.

And come on, you can’t beat a line like “She’s my oasis, but she treats me like I’m a blur.” Solid gold.

Video: FIDLAR – “Sand On The Beach”

From the That’s Life EP, out March 17.

Video: FIDLAR on the Roof – “Sand on the Beach” (acoustic)

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