Still from Iggy Pop's video for "Strung Out Johnny" showing a close up of Ig's face.

New Iggy Pop video: Strung Out Johnny

Video: Iggy Pop – “Strung Out Johnny”

From Every Loser, out now on Atlantic.

How lucky are we to share a world with Iggy Pop? Back in 1963 who would have thought that the drummer for the Iguanas would still be rocking out, sixty years later, shirtless and as beautiful as an old saddle?

A few years after the Iguanas, Jim Osterberg would form the Psychedelic Stooges and invent punk rock. It’s got to feel weird to peak at 23 and then — despite your best efforts — to keep living for another 50+ years after that. But thank goodness he has, because Iggy Pop truly seems like a wonderful person. Just watch a few minutes of his videos with his cockatoo Biggy and you too will hope Ig lives forever.

This new song sounds like standard, run-of-the-mill “alternative rock” with a subject matter that could have been suggested by the board of directors of Warner Music Group…or ChatGPT.

First time, you do it with a friend
Second time, you do it in a bed
Third time, you can’t get enough
And your life gets all fucked up.

But that’s alright. It’s still pretty good. And if anybody’s earned the right to sing dopey lyrics like that, it’s Iggy Pop.

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