Still from Jenny Lewis's video for Puppy and a Truck.

New Jenny Lewis video: Puppy and a Truck

Video: Jenny Lewis – “Puppy and a Truck”

Directed by Jenny Lewis and Bobbi Rich. Single out now on Blue Note.

Lewis released this song back in November 2021 but just recently made a video for it. It was worth the wait. No spoilers but watch until the end for sure.

It’s a great song about getting older and not any wiser, but who cares.

My forties are kicking my ass
And handing them to me in a margarita glass.

You know what helps fill the existential void? A dog. And Jenny Lewis knows it.

If you feel like giving up
Shut up
Get a puppy and a truck.

It’s solid advice and we all know it.

Jenny Lewis: web, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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