Still from John Cale's "Noise of You" video showing various photos of Cale over the top of a dusky city scene.

New John Cale video: Noise of You

Video: John Cale – “Noise of You”

Directed by Pepi Ginsberg. From Mercy, out now on Double Six/Domino.

Good old John Cale. Couldn’t you just listen to him talk forever though? There are not a ton of musicians from his generation who continue to push boundaries and embrace their weirdness.

Cale says, “I don’t tend to romanticize the idea of love. It represents ‘need’ and that’s not something I’m particularly comfortable with. When it gets ahold of you though – don’t let go – no matter how many times you mess it up!”

Solid advice, you old softie!

John Cale: web, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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