Still from Maple Glider's "Don't Kiss Me" video showing Tori Zietsch shooting laser beams out of her eyes.

New Maple Glider: Don’t Kiss Me

Video: Maple Glider – “Don’t Kiss Me”

Directed by Tori Zietsch and Joshua Tate. Single out now on Partisan.

This is a cool song and a super fun homemade horror video.

Maple Glider is Melbourne, Australia’s Tori Zietsch. Her 2001 debut To Enjoy Is the Only Thing received a lot of praise but I missed it entirely. If “Don’t Kiss Me” is any indication, I’ve been missing out.

Zietsch says, “It’s a song about consent, and the experience of being predated on by older men as a girl/young woman. I think many of us are aware of that strong urge to say ‘fuck off’ and be left to our own.”

The video reminds me of the kind of goofy, playful shit my friends used to do in out twenties. My favorite part is when the actors break character and smile at their own ridiculousness.

“I liked the feeling of playing a powerful character, especially to this song, which has felt quite empowering to write and to perform,” Zietsch says, “It felt like I was kind of conquering little fears I have surrounding it through humour and play.”

Right on. Conquer them all!

Maple Glider: web, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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