Still from Mudhoney's "Almost Everything" video showing a floating skull with hot pink eye sockets.

New Mudhoney video: Almost Everything

Video: Mudhoney – “Almost Everything”

Directed by Arturo Baston. From Plastic Eternity, out April 7 on Sub Pop.

Whoa is this dance music? Madchester by way of Seattle? Cool.

Grunge was never my thing. Always seemed a little too macho and dick-swinging, and the sludgy guitar tones sometimes veered too close to metal which was definitely not my thing. But I saw Mudhoney’s Mark Arm singing with what was left of the MC5 in 2004 and he totally won me over. I’ve since gone back and listened to Mudhoney with the MC5 in mind and I get it now.

Arm says this new song “was originally known as ‘Gopal.’ It had been sitting in the recording device at our practice space for years and we avoided erasing it because we always loved its swinging Escalator groove.”

Translation for non-rocksnobs: Sam Gopal’s Escalator is the only album by Lemmy Kilmister’s pre-Hawkwind/pre-Motorhead band, released in 1969 on Stable Records. And yeah, it kind of sounds like this (but without the Madchester drums).

Audio: Sam Gopal – “Escalator”

From Escalator (Stable, 1969).

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