Still from Mya Byrne's "It Don't Fade" video showing a close up of her singing.

New Mya Byrne video: It Don’t Fade

Video: Mya Byrne – “It Don’t Fade”

Directed by Jozie Zamjahn. From Rhinestone Tomboy, out April 28 on Kill Rock Stars Nashville.

At first I assumed that “Kill Rock Stars Nashville” was just a goof. A way for the legendary Pacific Northwest independent label to signify that they’re dipping their toes into the country/Americana space. But no! Apparently, label founder Slim Moon now lives in Nashville, Tennessee and is ready to expand into that market.

Byrne describes writing this song: “It was the height of the pandemic, and I was feeling wistful and thinking about the threads that tie us together, about my family, who I was so very far away from at that time, and my recovery, which was only a few months in – how even in our hardest moments there might be sunshine somewhere. Hope is a hard thing to find, and I’ve had some hard times, but the music I make helps me get through, and this song has gotten me through so much.”

She told Rolling Stone, “I try really hard to write sad songs! But the truth is, I do I have hope.”

I love that. And I guess if she wants to keep writing happy, hopeful songs as good as this, who can blame her?

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