Still from the The National's "Your Mind Is Not Your Friend" video showing Matt Berninger up in a tree.

New National: Your Mind Is Not Your Friend

Video: The National – “Your Mind Is Not Your Friend” (ft. Phoebe Bridgers)

Directed by Jackson Bridgers. From First Two Pages Of Frankenstein, out April 28 on 4AD.

The song is good but the video is definitely worth watching. Matt Berninger’s brother Tom is our protagonist who’s having a bit of a psychotic episode at a playground. It’s a little flippant in its portrayal of mental illness but it still manages to be moving at the same time. You sympathize with Tom as he mopes around the playground, wanting to feel better. Teenagers are laughing at him and he’s making moms uncomfortable. (Phoebe Bridgers’ cameo is perfectly executed.)

You are like a child
You’re gonna flip your lid again
Don’t you understand?
Your mind is not your friend.

In the video Matt Berninger represents Tom’s mind, promising him joy but leading him astray. It’s goofy but well done. Directed by Phoebe’s brother Jackson, who also directed the video for the very first song we ever heard by his sister, her duet with Conor Oberst “Would You Rather” from way back in 2017. Lots of brotherly love going on here.

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